New York City

Concrete Teeth.

Concrete Teeth.

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Proud to be one. Sometimes….

Proud to be one. Sometimes….

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Tri Colored Heron, Bronx zoo 
Tri Colored Heron, Bronx zoo 
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A Step Behind (poem by Kendra VanBrackle)

Why the worry, Why the banter?

when with my time it seems i’d rather,

walk one road without a side look, 

ignore the howls received from shy hooks,

but every couple set of meters,

it seemed so keen to be relieved of,

a special inkling gallops up,

from right beside me interupts,

the steady ardor i’ve exhaled,

to tell me all it will entail,

and ask if i will follow it,

on this old road i’ve wallowed in,

that never brought me any good, 

where i did things i never should, 

And right as i begin to speil,

I once again am forced to feel,

an abysimal thirst for what i left,

upon that road, i thought id kept,

it quenched long so to make my way,

but i soon realize in dismay,

that all this time spent walking here,

was all a lie for now i fear,

i’d rather walk on that old road,

that will remain as sad and cold,

as i remember it to be, 

it is the only road for me.

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